Friday, February 3, 2012

3/2/ 2012

It's the last day of the fourth week of my second year's second semester.
It's a friday,again.
I wish I could have done many many things like usual.
Weak determination has left me pretty much like a useless individual.

I realize that I have wasted my time on many many unimportant things.
Mere fun and zero maturity has put me through my teenage years.
But I am 22 this year. I should be doing things that matters to my life. Shouldn't I?

Interesting incidents happend. Witnessing my close friends stood at the fringe of losing the most important persons in their live was one of the most inspiring ones.
Slapping myself can't wake me up now.
Motivational videos can only make me wake up for 30 minutes.
By then, I know I need to change.

But,why I need to change?

Ask yourself. Why do you need to change?

I have found my answer. How about you??

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